poeminha feito em parceria com algum desconhecido:

a tradução seria algo sem sentido como:
"faça isso: feche com Terra dois onirophyse porco-espinhos assados e três ovelhas amarelas com farinha; isso deve ser ótimo pra comer!"

não tenho a mínima idéia do que é um onirophyse, alguém sabe?

feito aqui nesse site:


I googled it. Look at the answer:

It's not a real English word, that's for sure. It seems to be associated with a French artist/poet (see http://onirophyse.net/Onirophyse/Onirophyse/Onirophyse.html , a.k.a. World's Most Repetitious URL). The 'oniro' part is just an alternate version of 'oneiro' for 'dream', and 'physe' is the French form of the Greek root 'physis' meaning 'growth, change'.
Could be a changing dream or sth like that, it is found on a web-game where you make poetry out of virtual fridge magnets.

(por Non Sequitur, CDF)
wow, i'm impressed!
the job is yours...
what are you talkin'about? the job was already mine.
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